Fall/Autumn Decor

🍂Fall In Love With Yellow

I have been finding that color has really been inspiring me this season, especially the unexpected. I mean, take these vibrant colored yellow vases I came across at an estate sale. You do not immediately think autumn when you see them. They look more like spring or summer time vases with pretty tulips or roses in pastel colors in them, but to me, I instantly though wheat. After doing some research, I did find that the smallest vase pattern name is Wheat Ribbon Swirl. Even Fenton, the maker of both of these vintage vases thought of fall when designing them.

I decided to take a trip to the local craft store and originally was going to put tall stocks of wheat in them. On further reflection, I thought that may be too literal and expected. Then I laid eyes on these large sunflowers and it reminded me of a painting by Vincent van Gogh called Sunflower from 1889. If van Gogh thought yellow sunflowers in a yellow vase were a good idea, too, who am I to argue.

I, also, picked up some autumnal colored sprigs of leaves that went nicely with the sunflowers. I thought they may make a good filler to add some volume and texture.

However, once I started to assemble the arrangement in the largest vase, which is about 11 1/2 inches tall, I decided the leaves were to deconstructed and took away from the nice mounded look that I was going for with the sunflowers. I ended up taking them out and used three of the sprigs of sunflowers instead. The first two sprigs I kept all the flowers stems attached and just cut the bottoms down about an inch on each. The third sprig I did cut each individual stem apart keeping as much length as possible and adding them one at a time to empty areas in the arrangement.

Next, I decided the sunflowers were just too large for my 7 1/2 inch wheat vase, so I chose to use the leaf sprigs instead. I did cut each individual branch from one full sprig apart and added them one by one.

I kept the branches as long as possible when first arranging them. Then I adjusted them by cutting them down to get the right height and fullness I needed. Really, I just cut a little at a time until it passes the eye ball test. I ended up using just the one leaf sprig for the arrangement, and one sprig yielded four cut stems in total.

I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my labor from estate sale to craft store. I know I enjoyed making these sunny arrangements. You just can’t help but smile when looking at them.

If you are interested in purchasing these vases, they are for sale in my Etsy Shop


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