Christmas/Winter Decor

🎶”Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree” 🎶 of 2020 🎶

My husband took these Christmas tree photos and did such an amazing job that I wanted to share them with you. I have taken dozens of pictures of the tree, but none of them shows how truly wonderful it really is. My husband has such an eye for photography. I wish he had the time to take all my pictures for me!

As you can see I did manage to get some presents under the tree, including a penguin tin full of chocolates. He’s so adorable!

I also wanted to share some of our family’s ornaments. We love to travel and collect, and I try to pick up an ornament from all the places we have visited. It brings back good memories every year as we are decorating the tree.

This ornament with the golden ship surrounded by the sun and islands of palm trees is from our honeymoon. We took a cruise from Miami, Florida to Key West, and then off to the Bahamas. Really, this was our first ornament together as a married couple.

The palm tree with the Christmas lights and the Universal Studios are from two different trips, but both times we traveled to the sunshine state of Florida that year. The first was a week in Siesta Keys and the second, of course, was Orlando’s Universal Studios.

These two ornaments, also, represent two different trips at two different times, but they both included baseball. In 2015, we visited Boston and went to a Red Sox game before traveling down the coast to stay along the Sound of Cape Cod in Dennis Port. Then a few years later, we decided to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, while we were on our way to Cape Cod. This time we stayed in Chatham, Massachusetts just off of the Atlantic coast.

The castle is from a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which is truly an adventure. On another occasion, we visited the sites of Niagara Falls and picked up this ball ornament featuring the Horseshoe Falls.

Colorado and Siesta Keys, were actually both from this year. In July, we visited my oldest son, who is in the Air Force, and stationed at a base in Colorado. Then over Thanksgiving, we took a trip to Marco Island, Florida to get away from all the chaos in the world.

Now, all of the remaining ornaments are just fun ones. Pinky the Ghost you may recognize from Pac-man. My husband made him when he was a kid. He goes on the tree every year, sometimes in the back, but my son decided he needed to take center stage this year.

Of course, with my love of penguins, I had to show off one of my favorites.

The tiny bear in the sleigh is one my husband was given by his grandmother. She past away earlier this year at the age of 93. She was a spirited lady that truly will be missed this holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of our tradition surrounding the Christmas tree and the memories we put into it. For us, Christmas isn’t just about the gifts; It’s, also, about the time you spend with the ones you love.

Now, I believe it’s time to thank you for visiting my Home On Elderwood. I hope you had a good time. Please, come again soon!


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