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Making what’s old, new, and what’s new old, again.

This is the slogan that really defines my shop on Etsy.  I grew up going to auctions and sales with my father.  He would always come home with old and unusual finds.  I loved to go through them and imagine what the owners of these items lives were like.  For instance, let’s take into consideration a set of silverware or dishes:  Were they well worn without any fussy detail used in a utilitarian manner, or where they ornately decorated with lots of dainty details, and very neatly kept only to be brought out at special occasions?!  It paints a picture of what the owners of these items considered important in life.

I find myself telling others the stories of how I acquired a piece of furniture or other items in my home.  I, especially, like to take my treasured finds and update them or give them a new purpose.  I have created a collection of those finds to sell on Etsy.  If your interested, please, check out my store.  You may find something you can’t live without!

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Etsy Shop