Inspired by Blue

As I peruse social media, I have been drawn to blue and white decor. I’m even seeing it being used in fall and autumn decor. I find it classic and refreshing. No matter what your style may be; blue stands the test of time. Here are some images that have been drawing my eye the last couple of months.

The cottage style cupboard filled with vintage milk glass and blue and white china, gives a warm and inviting feeling with the hydrangies spilling out of the basket perched above.

I am instantly drawn to the cobalt blue side table with the vintage blue prints in brass frames. The horse adds some whimsy and livability. I bet this is a home with children. If you notice the side table only has a lamp and tray sitting upon it. No fussy trinkets or breakable heirlooms lurking about.

Here are some fall decor ideas outside of the normal color pallet of orange and brown. Who would of thought to add blue and white to orange for a Thanksgiving tablescape. It works remarkably well and puts a new twist on an old favorite.

I hope you enjoyed a little blue and white in your life! I know it has inspired me when I pick up items for my etsy shop. Below are some of the items I have for sale.


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