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My 2020 Christmas Gains Some Holiday Inspiration From 1958

This year for the holidays I decided to do a little research into Christmas’s of 1958, the year my Home On Elderwood was built. I am really ready for all things bright and cheery and the 1950’s seems to monopolize on this very concept. One of the best ways for someone from this era to get into the Christmas spirit would have been to pick up a department store Christmas catalog. Pictured below is the Sears Christmas Book which showcases all the things needed to have the perfect holiday with the family:

Brightly colored ornaments on a white flocked Christmas tree, matching pajamas for the whole family, candelabras in festive colors, nativity scenes with the baby Jesus, frothy feathery angels, plus so much more.

Again, the theme of bright and cheery continues with the whole family decorating the Christmas tree from top to bottom. The colors are brighter and lighter than we use today. The greens are avocados and olives, and the reds aren’t scarlet but instead the color of summer cherries. The trees may be green but are brightened and lightened with either white flocking or garland.

Christmas in 1958 wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t for the carolers going from house to house singing songs of Christmas joy. The children on this song book are brightly dressed with rosy cheeks and a bright blue sky filled with twinkling snowflakes gently falling all around them.

Another inspiration is the holiday cookbooks and ads promoting holiday goodies. The graphics stick with the same themes of bright greens and cherry reds, but I did notice, as I did in the book of Christmas carols above, the addition of blues and teals.

Even the Christmas card and children’s books adds the blueish green hues to the traditional reds and greens plus a sprinkle of yellowish golds here and there.

It only makes sense that “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss, also, came out in 1958. Its brightly colored pages and whimsical creatures play right along with the Christmas colors and themes that came out of this era. I found a picture of this first addition gently loved copy on an auction site for vintage and antique items.

Now, that I have found plenty of inspiration for my 1958 home, I will be on a mission to create the perfect combination of old and new to add some bright and cheery flair to my own Home On Elderwood this season.


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