Christmas/Winter Decor

Wishing in the New Year

As Christmas has ended and New Year’s Eve approaches, I ask myself, “How am I going to mark the end of 2020?” I think many of us are asking ourselves the same questions:

Are we able to get together with friends, or do we stay socially distant?

Will their be places to go for the New Year’s Eve festivities, or are they all shut down?

Keep in mind it’s not as if my husband and I are big partiers staying out until four in the morning. Our 2019 New Year’s Eve consisted of going to the local bowling alley. They had festivities ushering in the new year with a laser light party that included midnight bowling, pizza, and prizes. We have a teenager, so this was a perfect way to keep him entertained without thinking his parents are too lame.

However, this year will be very different. There is a curfew mandate in our local area due to COVID-19, and all businesses must close at 10 a.m. That means no midnight bowling nor going anywhere else for that matter. We are opting to stay home, really, because there is no other choice.

I became determined not to let 2020 get the best of me and take away all the fun and joy that is needed to have hope going into 2021, so I came up with a plan for my family’s New Year’s Eve celebration. I started by making a list and gathering inspiration. Here are some of the ideas I came across when searching for the things needed on my New Year’s Eve list:

The first thing on that list is to have a countdown to midnight. We will probably start ours around 5 or 6 p.m. (You can start sooner or later depends on when you want your party to begin).

One of the ideas is to have clocks indicating each hour until midnight. You can put them on a banner on your mantle or a wall or even on your Christmas Tree if you keep it up until after the New Year. The ones pictured above are from

You can get free clock face templates from Graphic Fairy by clicking this link for 11 Clock Face Images just like the one above.

Another countdown idea I found at is to make the clock out of balloons. You and your family or guests can even make a little noise by popping a balloon each hour.

The second item on my list is to have several different activities to do throughout the night.

On one of the hours you could play a game, such as the one above where each person picks a card and answers a question based on things that happened throughout the year. Click on this link for instructions and free printable game materials at

Another activity could be to create a wishing tree for what you want to happen in 2021 like the one I found at

Set another hour aside for making resolutions for the New Year with these fun printables from

The third item on my list is finger foods. I’m thinking of keeping it simple but special. I want it to be items you wouldn’t normally have every day, or if they are everyday foods, then displaying them in a special way.

Pinwheels are a good creamy and hearty appitizer. The ones pictured above from are even meat and dairy free.

Another option is to make a charcuterie board which is a fancy way of saying a meat and cheese tray. I love the ones featured above from

For dessert, why not keep it simple and sweet with chocolate fondue. I found this fondue recipe pictured above at

Now, I cannot forget the drinks! These are kid friendly versions, but I’m sure with an extra ingredient or two either one could be kicked up a notch to an adult level beverage. The one pictured above on the left is from, and the one on the right is from

Whether crowds are allowed or it’s just a few of your closest friends and family, I hope I was able to give you some inspiration to make your New Year’s Eve a fun and happy one. As always, thank you for visiting my Home On Elderwood. Please come again, soon!


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