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Romantic Fireplace by Candlelight

This weekend, my husband and I were listening to music and drinking a glass of wine in our living room. As the night went on and the room darkened, instead of turning on the lights, we decided to light the candles in the fireplace. This set the perfect romantic atmosphere for our cozy night-in.

As we sat there enjoying the candlelight, my husband snapped these pictures for me to share with you all.

To decorate the inside of the fireplace, I used what I already had from Christmas and around the house. The candles and candleholders I have had for a long time and just took out of storage.

The center of the display is a shallow wooden box or planter that I turned upside down and covered with faux evergreen sprigs from Christmas.

I really wanted to brighten up the inside of the fireplace not only with the candles but with the containers used to hold the candles. Being a vintage enthusiast and seller, I have a lot of mismatched milk glass pieces. I decided why not use these in a new way.

I really liked the green and white combination, but it still needed a little something to make it less Christmas and more romantic for Valentine’s Day.

I went through my boxes of faux flowers and greenery and found these sprigs of flowers in different shades of pink and apricot that I used in the spring last year. I love the combination of pink and green to set a softer romantic mood. I’m not really a red heart type of girl when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for visiting my Home On Elderwood by candlelight. Please come again soon!


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