Christmas/Winter Decor

Decking the Halls Continues on Elderwood with Dining Room Centerpieces

‘A partridge in a pear tree’ is the theme for my dining room, well, minus the partridge, with sugared fruits, pine cones, and metallic ornaments.  I love the softness of the colors and the mix of traditional with the rustic making my home feel elegant but inviting at Christmas time.  

For the dining room table, I decided to make a display with this vintage dome covered cheese board and silver tray.  As I was putting it all together, I realized I had a candle holder in the same color as the cheese board.  I thought I  would experiment by putting the cheese board on top of the candle holder to give it some height.  In the end, I omitted the candle holder.  I just liked it better without it, but that’s the fun of decorating.  You get to decide what you like best! 

There is a china cabinet on the one end of the dining room full of my treasured finds that have been gifted to me or picked up at estate, garage, and antique sales.  I thought this basket with its winter scene was a perfect unexpected addition along with some cone shaped trees wrapped in ribbon displayed on top of the cabinet.  

On the opposite side of the dining room, I have a built-in buffet.  Every year I display a glass cake stand with sugared fruit, ornaments, and pine cones flanked by glittery pine sprigs.  Normally I would hang a wreath above.  However, earlier this year, I made this picture display out of a vintage frame I refurbished with chalk paint in a color called seaglass and weathered with brown furniture wax.  I thought, “What a perfect way to display some of my ornaments that didn’t make it on the tree this year.” 

 I hung the frame on a silver decorative command strip hook that would be easy to remove without damaging the mirror after the holidays.  I like the way the ornaments reflect off the mirror to give it depth and fullness making it look as if I hung double the ornaments.

Thank you for checking out how I deck my halls at the holidays.   Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below!


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