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Living in Vintage

I think VINTAGE became the theme for me this summer with a splash of NEW here and there! The items pictured below were from the same estate sale. Most date from the 1940’s through the 1960’s.

The banana stand is one of my favorite finds this summer. You got to give credit to the Victorian’s to have a dish or tray for every food possible. They are the one’s who came up with a tray for celery, for instance. Who has a tray for celery these days? Not me.

Many of the Victorian items like the banana stand became popular again in reproductions of milk glass pieces like this one from the 1950’s made by the Imperial Glass Company. Instead of using it for bananas, I decided to display it on my dining room table with peach roses standing on a silver tray.

This silver sugar and creamer set on a leaf tray complimented the banana stand nicely. The sugar and creamer is an example of a popular form of silver hollow ware made by the English Silver Company which was in operation from 1952 to 1990.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with the blue and white china set I picked up, but I really loved the scenic pattern and workmanship that went into them. These were hand painted by a company from Japan called Nesco in the pattern known as Lakeview probably around the 1950’s. After cleaning them up with soap and water, I placed them on this silver tray by the back door in my kitchen. I thought it would be the perfect spot to keep them out of the way until I did decide what to do with them. I think its an unexpected way to keep your keys, spare change, or what ever little odds and ends you bring in from the day that get dropped off by the backdoor.

If you are interested in purchasing these items or seeing what else I have for sale, click on this link Etsy Shop.

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