Spring/Summer Decor

End of Summer Vignettes

Before I get in the mood for fall decorating and start bringing out the pumpkins and gourds, I wanted to share some of the other areas of my home. I love to decorate for the season, which I get from my mother. Though, she would break out themed decor for every holiday. Even if it was just a festive centerpiece on the kitchen table and a few items added to the living room side table, it became a family tradition that I now carry on in my own way. For me, it makes my house feel like home.

Pictured above is the built in buffet in my dining room. My father makes these little houses with cats that pop out, which he aptly calls “Cats in a House”. He gave me a whole box full of them. I thought it added a little whimsy to these very traditional blue and white tea cups on a silver tray.

To keep the traditional rustic theme going on my fireplace mantel, I used the same color scheme of blues, teals, and peaches along with natural materials like the rustic wood wreath and green foliage popped in between the various items.

I think having the two sides of the fireplace balanced but not symmetrical prevents it from being too traditional and stuffy feeling. I like to have the items in my home look like they were placed by happenstance, because that’s how nature creates it’s vignettes. Nothing is really symmetrical or orderly in nature. It’s just beautifully balanced.

Some of the items pictured are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing them or seeing what else I have for sale, click on the link Etsy Shop.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!


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