Christmas/Winter Decor

How I Decorated My House For The Holidays This Year

You will notice in the pictures below a key piece of Christmas is missing from my home. I actually didn’t put up a tree this year, can you believe it! Well, I can. I’m a fake tree kind of girl. Mostly, I don’t want to worry about the tree drying out, falling needles, and getting rid of it at the end of the season. However, the tree I have is nine feet tall and has three sections to put together plus fluffing the branches. Then, I have to string the lights, wrap the ribbon and place the bow on top. By the time this is done, I’m exhausted and taking a break until the next day. Then day two begins with a methodical unpacking of ornaments and the most special ornaments going on first followed by bulbs and filler. By the time I had two days free to complete this project this year, it was already December 23rd. Well, I said to myself and my husband,” Why bother? The house has enough Christmas in it already!”

Here’s how I added Christmas minus the tree:

Below is my fireplace decked out for the holidays. I had these old windows in my basement that I decided to clean up and hang Christmas cards and a few ornaments on the window panes. I always have my two penguins standing guard over the wreaths hanging below. I have a few candles with greenery and berries inside the fireplace with pillows and a basket full of ribbon trees flanking each side.

In my dining room, I have stacked two silver trays on top of each other and placed a vintage tea set in the center, hung a small fruit garland above my rustic Thompson sign, and placed a tree and tiered tray on either side. I threw in some greenery, and ornaments here and there to add warmth.

On the side table behind my couch, I placed a vintage milk glass pedestal compote bowl with a ceramic church placed in the center of it. The church is surrounded by pine cones and golden berry sprigs.

I believe I did pretty well for my holiday decorations even if I didn’t include a large Christmas tree. I hope you think so too!


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