Christmas/Winter Decor

Decorating My Fireplace Mantel for Valentine’s Day

I’m not one to really put up too many decorations for Valentine’s Day, but this weekend my oldest son and his future wife are coming home. He’s in the military, and we haven’t seen him in almost a year. We missed Thanksgiving and Christmas together, so I thought why not celebrate the love of our family this Valentine’s Day weekend!

I decided just to go with what I had up from Christmas. Instead of reindeer and snowflakes I added some hearts and candles. Valentine’s Day is a winter holiday, so the pine cones and metallic colors from my Christmas mantel give some rustic shimmer.

The wreath is, also, left over from Christmas. I added the heart in the center, which is actually a lid from a paper mache heart-shaped box. It was already painted in the creamy white distressed finish and fit perfectly within the wreath. The only thing I added was the silver filigree ornament with hot glue to the center of the box before placing it in the wreath.

I feel the mantel turned out quite well and suits my eclectic taste for something just a little shabby and a little chic with old and new thrown in the mix this Valentine’s Day. I hope you love it just as much as I do!


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