Christmas/Winter Decor

Spreading Christmas Cheer in the Dining Room

I am continuing to deck the halls in my dining room, and I just finished the built in buffet. I wanted to have the feeling of being ready to entertain at a moments notice, so I could easily swap out the ornaments for cookies and other assorted sweets and warm up a pot of cinnamon tea.

The inset wall above the built-in was completely covered by a mirror. At one time their probably was glass shelves and it may have been more of a built-in bar than a buffet. I decided to do a quick fix and cover it up. To be honest, the wood paneled wall is actually peel-and-stick wallpaper made to look like white washed shiplap. It took me about an hour to put it up. Most of it was prep work, measuring and lining up the sheets of wall paper. Then it went up fairly easily. The only problem I ran into was air bubbles forming under the wallpaper. This particular brand is repositionable, so I would just lift it up a little to let the air out and smooth it back down.

I just love tidbit trays, especially the two and three tiered ones. They just remind me of stacked cakes without all the work of putting them together. This particular one is for sale in my Etsy shop along with the boat bowl and silver serving tray. I actually had a vintage Christmas cookie tin that I wanted to make part of the display, too, but it sold before I was able to take these pictures.

I nestled this vintage boat bowl among candles on the opposite side of the tidbit tray. The brightness of the ornaments and the clear cut-glass just makes me smile. Really that’s what I am going for this year. If it makes me smile, I’m putting it on display. Hopefully, this will give me some good vibes through the rest of the holiday season and going into the new year.

I am a tea lover. I collect teapots, teacups and saucers, and cream and sugar sets. These are all from my personal collection. The teapot I picked up at an auction, the cream and sugar set were a gift from my father’s cousin, the teacup and saucer were handed down to me from my great-aunt, and the honey jar was a wedding present from a family friend. All are mismatched and colorful. I think that could be a theme for my life really: Nothing really matches; It just all goes together.

Thanks for stopping by my Home On Elderwood! Please, come again.


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