Decor Inspiration, Fall/Autumn Decor

Fall Décor to Last from Halloween through Thanksgiving

When decorating seasonally, I like to be able to use items for multiple occasions and add seasonal flowers or candles. This means the pieces need to be versatile and neutral to span the whole year. Fall is no exception. I put up my décor in September or early October, and it lasts until I’m ready to decorate my Christmas tree. Here I have put together some vignettes and centerpieces that I have created this season for my Home On Elderwood.

Above is a classic pumpkin vignette for a table or a sideboard. I like to keep it simple and uncluttered with these strategically placed pumpkins and gourds. By putting them on a placemat or a tray, it keeps the items neatly contained.

Soft blues and greens go well with orange and golden tones. It gives an unexpected twist to a pumpkin themed vignette.

I have always been drawn to sunflowers. Normally, you will see them along side scarecrows and hay bales for a harvest theme. Here is a more sophisticated version. Above, I arranged the flowers in a vintage art nouveau glass vase with two vintage amber glass pieces that compliment the arrangement nicely.

If you do not have a lot of space or if you are not sure how to arrange multiple items without it looking cluttered, just opt for one striking statement piece.

To continue the sunflower theme, I placed a pedestal candle holder on a decorative milk glass plate and surrounded it with two large flowers and a yellow candle.

Fall is definitely all about mother nature. One way to bring the outdoors in is to use a natural element like pinecones. They can be used now and later with your winter or Christmas décor.

If orange isn’t really your color, try using muted earth tones and incorporate something out of the ordinary like this bird statue. I normally use this during the spring and summer, but it still works with these soft creams, mauves, browns and green tones.

Instead of using a bowl or a plate in the flower arrangement below, I opted for a vintage copper Jello mold. The copper hue just screams fall!

Traditionally, when you think of decorating for the fall holidays of Halloween and/or Thanksgiving, mums are the flower of choice. Why break the mold? or should I say mound….

If mums are too structured of an arrangement for your tastes, add some wispy grasses or sprigs of wheat to liven up the arrangement.

I hope you enjoyed the fall décor from around my Home On Elderwood. If you are interested in purchasing some of the vintage items used and make your own vignettes and centerpieces or just to add to your collection, please click on the link for my Etsy Shop.

The items pictured above are currently available at my Etsy Shop plus so much more.


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