Spring/Summer Decor

Spring and Summer Mantel 2020

I think we were all optimistic going into 2020. Now, we realize this may be one of the most trying years we have experience in a long time if ever. Well, in times of great adversity, I try to find signs of hope. One of those signs is the fading of Winter and the reemerging of Spring. All things have a season as they say.

For me, Spring isn’t really here until I start to open up the windows and start cleaning. This weekend finally felt like the right time to do just that. I decided to start with my fireplace mantel. I call this my Spring and Summer mantel, because I plan on keeping it this way until Fall. I may tweak it here and there, but for the most part, these will be the pieces I keep on display for the next four to five months.

I always have the frame within a frame with the saying “It’s Not The Home I Love But The Life I Live Here” as the main focal point of my mantel. It really defines my philosophy of what home means to me. I love to have beautiful things around me, but it’s the people and the moments with them that really make this house a home.

With that in mind, I choose items that are not only beautiful to display in my home, but, also, represent who I am as an individual as well as what my family means to me. I think, because I approached life in this way, I am able to create a sanctuary within my home.

With all that being said, I hope you enjoyed visiting My Home On Elderwood. Please come again!


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