Spring/Summer Decor

Dining Room Table Centerpieces – Last Days of Summer

Labor Day weekend is in full swing, and I normally switch out my summer decor for fall in the coming weeks. As I am contiplating what pieces from my collection of vintage items to use for my fall decor. I realized I never posted pictures of my dining room table displays that I put together for this spring and summer.

I love to collect vintage and antique glassware, silver, and really anything that catches my eye. In order to keep my house from turning into a hoarders paradise, I started to share those treasures with others by selling them on Etsy. This way I get to enjoy them for a while before they sell, and when they do sell, I can go treasure hunting for new items.

Here are some of the items (pictured below) I used this summer to create some whimsical dining table centerpieces.

I just love to create and decorate my home. It just makes me happy to be surrounded by beautiful found items that set the foundation for how I want to live my life each and every day. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did creating it!


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