Fall/Autumn Decor

Just a Little Bit Vintage for Fall 2020

For the last days of September, I am stuck on peachy, coral colors to decorate my home with for fall, but you won’t find pumpkins and scarecrows in any of my decor. I do have them but decided to try something new this year. I used the colors but not necessarily the items you would normally find when you think of decorating for fall.

This is the buffet in my dining room. I switched out the summer decor for a vintage milkglass bowl and filled it with peach colored roses, pine cones, and greenery, which is sitting on a vintage silver plated serving tray. I have white candles set in white and cream candle holders which are flanking both sides of my wooden sign.

By using more muted colors within the traditional color pallet of fall, I think it gives a fresh, clean, and romantic feel. I replicated this same idea when creating the dining room table centerpiece.

I used a vintage ceramic octagon shaped plate with embossed grapes and leaves as the base, and placed an amber carnival glass bowl in the center with a cream colored pillar candle. Then I strategically arranged white flowers with pine cones and greenery around it.

In my living room on the table behind the couch, I took a plain clear glass pedestal cake stand and placed a tin Jello mold on top of it. You know, the kind your mom or grandma had hanging on the wall in the kitchen when you were a kid. Well, I found another use for them besides molding Jello. Why not use them to hold candles and flowers. The copper color is perfect for fall.

I centered a pedestal candleholder with another cream colored candle inside the Jello mold. I did this to raise the candle up above the flowers, so it looks like it’s sitting on top of the flowers instead of in the flowers.

The final display is sitting on a side table next to a chair in my living room. I had another milk glass bowl that matched the one I used on the buffet in the dining room. It was the perfect size for this little table, so I centered another candle in a hot coral color and surrounded it with the peach and white flowers I had left over from the other displays and added a few vibrant coral colored flowers to tie it all together.

All of the decor I used for fall was left over from previous years or vintage items that I acquired at estate sales or auctions. I did not purchase one new thing to create any of these displays. I do believe you can creatively breath new life into your home by reusing, upcycling, and repurposing previously used items. Old things can definitely be new again!


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