Decor Inspiration

Displaying Your Collectibles Vertically

Here are some of the inspirational pictures that are influencing me to go vertical. This is perfect for someone like me who likes to collect but not all the clutter that goes with collecting. Plus, why keep all those collectibles in a drawer or a cupboard not to be seen by the light of day. Take them out, dust them off, and display them in beautiful ways!

On tried and true collectible that most people do hang on the wall, are their plate collections. I found some neat ideas with framing them in or placing them in shadow boxes. Why not use your tea cup collection as planters for some lovely flowers or frame them out for three dimensional art.

How about the heirloom clothing and accessary pieces that you inherited from grandma. Why not display them on the wall with other keepsakes to tell a story about your family and your heritage.

I love the recipe cards and spoon collections on the wall. I could image them hung together in a very pretty display in the kitchen. Why keep them in a recipe box or in a drawer when you can have them out to enjoy every day!

No room for all those pretty baskets in the closet. Make a grouping that adds whimsey and character to a blank wall.

Whatever you collect, you do it because there’s something about those things that speak to you and says “Please, take me home.” Those are the items that define who you are and how you want to live, so display them in creative ways and enjoy them every day!


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