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My Kitchen Make Over Wish List

We have been quite busy this year, and one of the projects on my list is to give my kitchen at my Home On Elderwood a face lift. It’s looking a little drap and tired. To be honest, I didn’t really like the kitchen when we moved in nine years ago, so it has always been on my list of things to improve. Below I compiled a wish list of ideas and inspirations to get me started in the planning process.

My wish list for my kitchen:

Refinish the kitchen cabinets with the main cabinets painted white and the island painted a dark blue.

Install molding around the soffit and paint the same color as the cabinets to make it blend in.

Install new wood countertops or wood-like countertops

Change out the cabinet hardware.

(The picture on the left is from and both pictures on the right are from

Install a stainless steel modern sink with accessories.

Paint the walls to make it lighter and brighter.

Create a coffee/breakfast bar.

As you can see from all these ideas, I am leaning towards rich wood tones and calming blues and greens with a touch of vintage. I want to be able to blend the old with the new in a way that feels inviting and timeless.


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