Inspired by life, Spring/Summer Decor

Nature Inspired Fireplace Mantel

My fireplace mantel and really, the rest of the décor in my home, has been inspired by nature this year. I felt like surrounding myself with greenery and flowers to set a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. I started by layering empty frames and artwork of various shapes and sizes together. Then I added in ceramic… Continue reading Nature Inspired Fireplace Mantel

Decor Inspiration, Design

My Kitchen Make Over Wish List

We have been quite busy this year, and one of the projects on my list is to give my kitchen at my Home On Elderwood a face lift. It's looking a little drap and tired. To be honest, I didn't really like the kitchen when we moved in nine years ago, so it has always… Continue reading My Kitchen Make Over Wish List

Fall/Autumn Decor

Decorating My Fireplace Mantel for the Fall Season 2020

My fireplace mantel this fall is inspired by the two yellow vases I picked up at an estate sale, which I featured in a previous post called Fall In Love with Yellow. I thought the arrangements I made in that post would be perfect on my very large and very wide fireplace mantel. Plus, the… Continue reading Decorating My Fireplace Mantel for the Fall Season 2020

Fall/Autumn Decor

Fall Doesn’t Have To Be Orange

Why is Orange the official spokesperson of fall, when it has a kaleidoscope of colors to offer? Let's take some cues from what we see out our own front door with all the leaves changing colors, and beautiful plants and flowers that are available at this time of year. Be inspired by Brilliant Purple! h!ttps://… Continue reading Fall Doesn’t Have To Be Orange