Inspired by life, Spring/Summer Decor

Nature Inspired Fireplace Mantel

My fireplace mantel and really, the rest of the décor in my home, has been inspired by nature this year. I felt like surrounding myself with greenery and flowers to set a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

I started by layering empty frames and artwork of various shapes and sizes together. Then I added in ceramic birds and terrariums featuring moss and succulents. I finished it off by tucking greenery into the little niches in-between.

When layering the frames I made sure to stack the tallest in the back and the smallest towards the front. I did add some metal ceiling tins and a decorative mirror to fill in the gabs. It took a little bit of rearranging to get a good mix of different sizes and shapes before it felt organically displayed.

The terrariums were actually from my son’s wedding. We made the centerpieces for the tables ourselves. We gave most of them away, but I kept some for myself. They fit in nicely on the mantel and add another layer of greenery.

When decorating the hearth, I new I wanted to use candles, plus I had an extra terrarium, so I arranged them on top of a wooden basket turned upside down. Then I inserted greenery sprigs between and around the terrarium and candles. Next, I added two matching potted plants to one side of the hearth and extra pillows for lounging on the other side.

I think this turned out wonderfully for the spring and summer months. I haven’t even started thinking about fall, yet. We have been having record high temperatures the past couple of weeks, and summer doesn’t seem to be wanting to let go any time soon.


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