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Autumn in Dusty Shades of Teal

I believe there are three different philosophies that have developed over the years in regards to Thanksgiving and Christmas. The first one is you do not start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving Day. The second is Thanksgiving is an extension of Christmas so lets put the tree up on Thanksgiving Day. The third and… Continue reading Autumn in Dusty Shades of Teal

Fall/Autumn Decor

Decorating My Fireplace Mantel for the Fall Season 2020

My fireplace mantel this fall is inspired by the two yellow vases I picked up at an estate sale, which I featured in a previous post called Fall In Love with Yellow. I thought the arrangements I made in that post would be perfect on my very large and very wide fireplace mantel. Plus, the… Continue reading Decorating My Fireplace Mantel for the Fall Season 2020

Fall/Autumn Decor

🍂Fall In Love With Yellow

I have been finding that color has really been inspiring me this season, especially the unexpected. I mean, take these vibrant colored yellow vases I came across at an estate sale. You do not immediately think autumn when you see them. They look more like spring or summer time vases with pretty tulips or roses… Continue reading 🍂Fall In Love With Yellow