Inspired by life, Spring/Summer Decor

Nature Inspired Fireplace Mantel

My fireplace mantel and really, the rest of the décor in my home, has been inspired by nature this year. I felt like surrounding myself with greenery and flowers to set a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. I started by layering empty frames and artwork of various shapes and sizes together. Then I added in ceramic… Continue reading Nature Inspired Fireplace Mantel

Fall/Autumn Decor

Decorating My Fireplace Mantel for the Fall Season 2020

My fireplace mantel this fall is inspired by the two yellow vases I picked up at an estate sale, which I featured in a previous post called Fall In Love with Yellow. I thought the arrangements I made in that post would be perfect on my very large and very wide fireplace mantel. Plus, the… Continue reading Decorating My Fireplace Mantel for the Fall Season 2020

Spring/Summer Decor

Spring and Summer Mantel 2020

I think we were all optimistic going into 2020. Now, we realize this may be one of the most trying years we have experience in a long time if ever. Well, in times of great adversity, I try to find signs of hope. One of those signs is the fading of Winter and the reemerging… Continue reading Spring and Summer Mantel 2020